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Seniors Group

Seniors meet each month for a variety of exciting fellowship activities. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this special group pf people. Join us for…



Volunteer Groups to SWO Gleaners: 

SWO Gleaners collects unmarketable produce donated by farmers and processors. Our volunteers cut up the produce before it’s mechanically diced, dried and packaged as soup mix and fruit snacks for schools, food banks, and those in need.

 Talk to  Eileen Wonnick.

The Senior's Group at First Lutheran Kingsville is celebrating their 11th Anniversary in our church! 

Our history – Eileen and I moved to this area 10 years ago, January 30, 2006. Shortly after our arrival we had a meeting with Pastor Dittmer, Jack Febel, Mike Binder and Steve Fittler regarding the possibility of setting up a Senior Fellowship group. Eileen and I had been involved with such a group in Fonthill and subsequent to that started a group in Burlington. There seemed to be sufficient interest so it was decided to have an organization meeting which was attended by 18 people. The organization meeting decided that Eileen and I should be co-convenors with Jack Febel as assistant. The stated objectives were as follows – Senior Fellowship is intended to provide an opportunity to get together for fellowship once a month getting to know each other better as well as receiving information helpful to them and, in time also inviting seniors from the community, also being an outreach activity. We generally have between 22 and 26 people attend every month and they have heard many speakers and participated in many activities .

  I will mention some now – Guest Speakers – 1.Health issues of a great many different concerns for seniors. 2.Mayor Santos – what is happening in Kingsville 3.Mr. Syke – Syke’s Funeral Home – planning the end 4.Joe Colasanti on the history of Colasanti’s 5.OPP on safe driving 6.Lloyd Brown-John re his trip to Israel 7.Javed Kahn re his work in Outreach 8.Alan King regarding diving and lost ships in Lake Erie 9.Pastor Brian on the various religious denominations which he presented to Elder College students. 10.Cheryl Dieter – VP and Chief Nurse Executive – regarding Hospice 11.Pastor Scholl – Reformation 12.Rodney Bouchard – Union Water 13.Peter Fisk – Meat Canners 14.Fire Department – Falls prevention 15.Senior Moments speakers regarding senior frauds and scams.


We also enjoyed a wide variety of outings, which included the following – 1.Trip to Pelee Island 2.A couple of performances at Migration Hall – including “The Sound of Music” 3.A couple of trips to Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia – to see plays related to Lutheran Church Women 4.A river cruise on the Detroit River 5.A Black History Tour – led by Chris Carter 6.A tour of old Olinda – led by Chris Carter 7.A tour of a Cucumber Greenhouse. 8.A tour of Highline Mushroom plant 9.A couple of performances at the Bank Theatre in Leamington. 10.A trip to see Cirqe sol at Windsor. 11.Trip to winery – Oxley 12.A trip to war museum in Blenheim followed by lunch at Erieeau;


And other activities – 1.June BBQ picnics 2.Carol sing with Mike and Mary 3.Christmas Carols by Ray Waukhaus and “We love to sing” group 4.Games Days 5.Charli Brown Christmas by Senior Fellowship Players. Volunteering and fund raising – 1.We have had 8 pancake suppers and raised approximately $10,000. Dollars all of which donated to various charities and some for special projects at church. 2.For over a year we have had a group of approximately 20 people do a work shift at Gleaner. I have obviously not mentioned everything but I think you will agree that much has transpired over the last 10 years.


Gord and Eileen Wonnick

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