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Logo Explanation

Dear church,

This letter outlines the meaning and symbolism behind every aspect of our new church logo, and explains the connections to our church's mission and motto.

The curvy open section of this cross represents both our motto and our mission. It serves first as the winding path that leads to a growing relationship with our saviour Jesus. It is this path, or this journey, that we are trying to lead people to. Why the curves? Because what path is ever without twists or bends? These curves speak to the reality of the trials and challenges of this life that are not only wielded by the Father in the beautiful work of sanctification, but serve as a reminder of our constant need for our Saviour’s guiding hand, His unrelenting love and His undeserved grace.

Secondly, this open cross represents the open invitation, for every person to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. It speaks clearly to our motto that all are welcome here.

The extension of the arm of the cross that runs through the word 'church' illustrates the outstretched arms of our church. Arms that are ready to serve, ready to extend the same compassion and love that Jesus so freely extends to each of us.

The colours:

What colours could be more fitting than the six colours found in Luther’s rose. The black cross (found in the centre of Luther’s rose), white, blue, gold, red and green.

Red: represents the redeeming blood of Jesus


The black cross: Luther placed the black cross within the red heart in his crest to remind himself that it is faith in the crucified that saves us. The cross is black and should cause pain, but it is by faith in Jesus that comes from our hearts that our sin does not corrupt us. "For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God." (Rom 10:10)

White: represent the purity and righteousness that is ours because of the blood of Jesus and thus grants us access to the joy, comfort and peace of our Father

Blue: represents heaven, and as Luther explained, “it symbolizes that such joy in the spirit and in faith is a beginning of the future heavenly joy; it is already a part of faith and is grasped through hope, even though not yet manifest.”

Gold: “symbolizing that in heaven such blessedness lasts forever and has no end, and in addition is precious beyond all joy and goods, just as gold is the most valuable and precious metal." - Luther

Green: represents hope and new life.

Our team will also be working to make this letter head available for your use very soon!

Many blessings,

First Lutheran Church Kingsville Tech/Communications Team:

Rick Dawson

Bryan Tran

Doug Page

Ian Virtue

Felishia Ferguson

Email: Website:


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